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Natural Beauty Salon

“Our hair is special. It connects us to our proud ancestry. For those who dare to wear their Natural Crown, you speak pride, power and creativity to all those privileged to gaze upon you. You’re a beautiful work of art and an inspiration to others who have doubts about making the change. Fear not! Embrace the Real You! Liberate your mind, and embark on a spiritual journey that only begins with your hair.  Ultimately, whether you’re starting your Natural Journey or Flaunting Funky Afros, Braids or Bold and Beautiful Locs, achieving healthy hair is Natural Beauty’s primary goal. Make the choice to be bold and free…” – Angelyn Scott – Natural Hair Guru/Owner


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Natural Beauty Salon & Spa is a full service, boutique salon located near The Shops at White Oak Village in the heart of the East End part of Richmond, Virginia. We foster an environment dedicated to the nurturing and advancement of our stylists’ passion for creative expression and technical excellence as well as our desire to provide an unparalleled salon and spa experience for our clientele.

IMG_0709In 1994, Natural Beauty began as a one woman nail care business. Founder Angelyn Scott, began traveling to the homes of her clients to perform manicures, nail enhancements, and pedicure services with much success. In 1997, inspired by her grandparents, Angelyn set out on an entrepreneurial journey to create something special. Armed with the belief that life is a constant learning process and we all have access to infinite knowledge as long as we are willing to listen, plan, and act, along with the teachings of her grandmother, ancient readings, constant research and education, Angelyn transitioned her abilities into an art form and Natural Beauty Salon & Spa LLC was born.

Now Owner Angelyn Scott, a Natural Hair Guru, Master Loctician, and Natural Hair Care business pioneer is known for fully allowing her holistic approach to her art form. Her styling technique is known and recognized for its meticulousness, the simplicity of its intricacies, as well as the tender care and nurturing of her clients’ hair with detail and reverence for cultural expression.

Natural Beauty’s most important asset is its’ clients. Angelyn and her team of creative professionals consistently strive for excellence, taking pride in providing affordability, courtesy, timeliness, and high quality service to all our clients. As a result, our growth has been constant; based in part to the repeat business, referrals and the long-lasting relationships we covet with our clients.

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